Oliver Spencer AW13 Show Backstage

Whilst we’re mad busy putting together issue 13 of our dead trendy/funny/ace magazine, here’s all you need to know about our mate Oli’s recent revealing of his AW13 gear (extra points have been awarded to Mr Spencer for mixing Joseph Beuys with a Flock of Seagulls)…

For the second season of London Collections: Men, Oliver Spencer showcased his AW13 collection, inspired by the influential 20th century German art theorist, Joseph Beuys, motivated by his association with the 1960’s Fluxus movement. French Blue provides structure to the colour palette, punctuated with highlights of Forest Green, Mustard and Burgundy. Much of the collection is made in the UK, many garments in London. Footwear themes include capped-­‐toe Oxford Boot and classic shoes you can kick in; offered in traditional colour-­‐ways, updated in an electric vibrant blue. Models walked to a soundtrack of A Flock of Seagulls, White Rabbit, Talking Heads and Ian Dury. Rick Edwards made a star turn on the Catwalk along with Mens Health Fashion Director, Dan Rookwood. Celebrities in the audience included Tinie Tempah, David Gandy, Libertine Carl Barat and Olympic swimmer Mark Foster.


  1. Whats wrong with being a middle class twat?

    *looks guilty*

  2. Bit of a knee jerk reaction but all those fashion ponces and celebrity helmets make me wanna burn the odd shirt of his i own to separate myself from such middle class twatness!

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