Get Techy With On Running Cloudnova

On’s Cloudnova is for all-day use with just as much technological thought as the brand’s explicit running lines. 

on cloudnova

While On is widely known for its explicit running and trail shoes, the Swiss brand’s contributions to the world of comfort shoes can’t be overlooked. 

With revolutionary in-house developed tech, On changed the game in 2010 with the release of CloudTec®, designed for explosive take-offs and softened landings. The basis of the shoe’s appeal was in multi-directional cushioning, where the weight is evenly distributed through the shoe with a highly adaptive sole. 

These technologies aren’t just applicable to running shoes, and the next generation of CloudTec® is bolstered with a bespoke Speedboard™ that propels forward while supporting the natural rolling motion of the foot. All of these advances are useful in everyday shoes, where cushioning, posturing, and the impacts of less thoughtful footwear on the spine are overlooked.  

The Cloudnova fuses everything On knows about running tech with a brand new style and silhouette, with responsive comfort and urban energy in mind. 

Head to John Anthony for a peak.

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