On Running Cloud Trainer

In case you hadn’t noticed, the Swiss are pretty good at making things. From priceless, precision engineered time-pieces to triangular shaped chocolate bars chances are if it’s Swiss then it’s going to be pretty incredible. In the case of On Running this rule extends into sportswear as their game-changing trainer technology is currently taking the world by storm. Already incredibly popular around the world with people who wear trainers to actually go running in (the weirdoes) though of us who are into crepes for their aesthetic appeal are now discovering their unique charms. As well as being super lightweight and very comfortable On Running trainers have an irresistibly futuristic appeal thanks to that distinctive sole (spot the Ex-Nike designer) and the aforementioned tech that they’re packed with. These Cloud trainers at Yards store are a prime example of what On are all about, being super sleek, functional and resembling the type of shoe an astronaut would wear whilst hitting the space station treadmill.

Buy a pair of On Running Cloud Trainers from Yards Store here.


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