On Running’s Third Gen Continues to Excel

ON’s Cloudventure Waterproof running trainers have been designed specifically for trail running in wet conditions.

On one of ON’s dedicated technology blogs, Oliver Whitworth, Footwear Developer on the Cloudventure, concedes that “waterproof models are typically heavier and more rigid than their non-waterproof alternatives,” before declaring that the Waterproof model is restyled with ON’s thinnest and most breathable membrane to date, ensuring that water is locked out the shoe without sacrificing ON’s trademark feather-lightness. 

In addition, the Waterproof Cloudventure features an entirely new grip, marking a technological departure from the traditional Cloudventure. The Missiongrip™ sole has a re-engineered traction pattern that provides a firm grip, even on soft ground, making the Waterproof not just the best option for wet conditions, but for the varied terrain on unpredictable trails. 

John Anthony has a superb range of ON Running’s trail shoes, available here.

ON Running at John Anthony.

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