Organic Cord from Uskees

Those sultans of sustainability, Uskees, are back with a new collection that’s bound to strike a cord with those that are into long lasting yet comfortable wardrobe staples. Classic Uskees pieces the #3001 Overshirt, #3006 Blazer and #5005 Workwear pants have been re-imagined in a durable 11 Wale 100% organic corduroy.

It’s an impeccable choice of fabric for a brand with a working class Mancunian background. The history of corduroy is so intertwined with the city that the material is simply known as ‘Manchester’ in several European countries. That’s not the most interesting international name for corduroy, however. No, that award unquestionably goes to Iran, where cord trousers are known as ‘Makhmal Kebrity’ or ‘velvet matchstick pants.’ Which, as well as perfectly describing the material, would also make an incredible band name.

The 9-piece capsule is available in 3 timeless colourways, Faded Black, Midnight Blue and Tan. Shop the lot at Uskees now.  

Shop the Organic Cord capsule at Uskees now

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