Organic T-Shirts by Urban Industry

These are anxious and understandably cautious times, but good brands and independent retailers need our help now more than ever.

We obviously aren’t economics experts here at Proper, nor medical experts, but it seems pretty clear to us that true disaster lies in everything grinding to a halt, which includes so-called ‘non-essential’ spending.

So, while you’re probably not in the market for a vibrant high-end jacket to peacock around in, perhaps you could do with some fresh basics to see you through the self-isolation and/or WFH period.

If that’s the case, Sussex’s most sustainable streetwear retailer – Urban Industry – can equip you.

As well as selling plenty of premium stuff from prestigious brands such as Patagonia, Arc’teryx, Carhartt WIP, New Balance, Nike, and so on, U.I. also has an eponymous in-house brand that specialises in superb-value staple items.

Their Organic T-Shirts have that timeless regular fit and are, as you’ve probably inferred already, made from organic cotton (which, by the way, has a higher-than-average weight of 190g per square inch). 

On top of the decent materials and the great quality, these tees are ethical: they’re Fair Trade-certified, made from renewable energy in a carbon-neutral factory in India, and 100% of the water used during the dyeing process is recycled (resulting in reduced water usage). To top it all off, the clear bags they come in are 100% biodegradable.

At a price-point of £16.00 per tee, this is a real bargain for our times. For even greater value, you can get a three-pack for £35.00 (working out as £11.67 per tee).

Whether you’re a single-tee shopper or a multipack maniac, head to Urban Industry’s own-brand page to get yours:

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