orSlow 60s Denim Jacket

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Though he makes some amazing gear out of other materials your man Ichiro Nakutsu really knows his onions when it comes to denim. Which is why after obtaining an impressive collection of vintage jeans and jackets he decided to set up orSlow. The ‘slow’ in the name being in respect of the time it should take to design an item of clothing, i.e. don’t rush anything, take it slow. Made in Japan on vintage shuttle looms orSlow denim is without a doubt some of the best in the world. Take this 60s denim jacket for example, it’s pretty much perfect in every way, including the ‘used’ wash it’s been treated to that makes it look like it’s been freshly unearthed from a San Francisco vintage vault.

Buy an orSlow 60s Denim jacket from Wellgosh here.


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