Oscar Deen Eyewear Builds on Historical Design

Two entrepreneurial spirits searched far and wide for the best in sunglass design.

oscar deen

Oscar Phillips and Sheriff-Deen Showobi decided they wanted to make sunglasses. Naturally, the R&D field trip involved attending every single European antique market possible and meetings with archivist eyewear collectors to discuss style, shape and materials. One thing reigned supreme: the best of the best sunglasses were made with Italian acetate and conjured a laid-back art nouveau Parisian elegance. Sunglasses ought to be so effortless that you don’t look like a muppet if you keep them on inside. 

Oi Polloi has stocked three of their bifocal beauties. The Fraser, an effortless espresso-sipping pair with crystal-clear clarity; the Pinto, inspired by 1940s French frames; and the Nelson, purportedly based on those worn US army marshalls during WWII. 

All are made with top-class Mazzuccelli acetate frames and organic plastic lenses. 

Head to Oi Polloi for a summer boost.

  • oscar deen
  • oscar deen

Oscar Deen at Oi Polloi.

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