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Skater clothes used to be all about massive tongues on clumpy DCs and big, rubbish hoodies clutching pint cans of Relentless. Now though, thanks to PALACE they’ve really cleaned their acts up and there’s not a goth in sight.

Presumably to celebrate this achievement, PALACE has revealed their SS18 collection and it’s fucking huge.

Typically, it contains a broad spectrum of colours and patterns, from bold vibrant over-the-head jumpers, to the more subtle baseball caps. Stand outs include that delicious pastel rainbow sweat above that looks like it has those perfect not-too-tight-but-just-right elasticated cuffs and the tin tote bag.

It’s available at PALACE from February 9th, so get in there before those rascal rich hypekids do.

Absolutely well into house plants.

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