Paraboot Michael at Oi Polloi

Try to think of something that’s made in France and chances are you’ll think of something incredibly cool, whether it’s a type of bread or a piece of modern art. Which is my cunning way of telling you just how ace these Paraboot Michael shoes are that Oi Polloi have just got in. Favoured by the French answer to the paninari back in the 1980s ‘the BCBG’ their distinctive chunky sole and sublime suede uppers are the embodiment of exchange student chic that we all aspired to back in the day and still do now if we’re honest. Also available in full grain leather and a lovely whiskey colour these Army velour coloured numbers are my personal favourite and are just begging to be worn with a pair of jumbo cords and a nice big jacket, which I’m sure les garcons at L’Oi Polloi can sort you out with too.

Buy a pair of Paraboot Michael at OP here.


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