Sophisticated Perfection from Paraboot

The French shoemakers excel at proper shoes – especially loafers. 

paraboot reims

Not too long ago we ran a guide to the best loafers on the market, but we made one mistake. We criminally overlooked Paraboot’s contribution to the classic and elegant style. 

Paraboot’s Reims Loafer showcases everything that’s good about Paraboot. In the 1910s, Rémy-Alexis Richard, along with his newly-wed wife, Juliette Pontvert, began making collections of fine high-end shoes, all designed to showcase the wealth and luxury of France. 

Rémy travelled to The States in 1926, armed without a single word of English and an exceptional knowledge of shoemaking. He discovered Americans wearing shoes made of rubber, latex and gum, and set about to experiment with the new waterproof materials. After returning to Frane to experiment, he set course upon the source of rubber: the Amazon. Upon arriving at the Brazilian port of Pará, Rémy realised he needed a new name for his brand – what with the influx of copyrighting, registering, trademarks and the like – and settled on a new English sounding name: Paraboot. The shoe continued to speak on behalf of French charm – and still does. 

Nothing embodies charm and sophistication quite like a loafer, and the Reims might be one of the best.

Head to John Anthony for a range of Paraboot’s wares. 

  • paraboot reims
  • paraboot reims

Paraboot at John Anthony.

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