Parley the Ocean with Adidas Ultraboost

Do you remember that time in the first Pirates of the Caribbean when Kiera Knightley, just short of getting kidnapped by pirates, shouts out “Parley!” and the pirates have no choice but to take her to the captain for a discussion so she can debate her freedom? 

Well, a parley is technically a meeting with the intention of resulting in an agreement on both sides. It’s like a meeting of minds. Unfortunately, the Ocean doesn’t have a voice, so Parley For The Oceans has shouted parley on their behalf. “The Oceans give us life,” they argue, “we give them plastic.” 

The agreed terms: we stop giving them plastic. Nice. 

Parley For The Oceans cleans plastic from the ocean and recycles it, giving it new life and saving it from being absorbed into the bellies of sea creatures. Adidas bought the recycled plastic and used it to make this pair of Ultraboosts, which features a mesh upper, woven material, and ripstop reinforcement, all from the good Parley people.  That’s a far better agreement than our Kiera got.

The shoe features the classic Boost midsole, fabric logo tab, and a patch on the tongue. 

Get a pair from John Anthony. 

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