Patagonia ‘Cant Eat Money’ Responsibili-Tee at Wellgosh

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Whilst at face value this t-shirt may look fantastic enough purely from a sartorial level, it’s even more impressive when you discover it’s been constructed entirely from recycled products that includes 4.8 plastic bottles and .26 pounds of fabric scrap. Not only that but it also saves 63 gallons of water compared to conventional cotton tees and the screen print uses PVC and phthalate free inks. Which I guess is exactly why those super sound people at Patagonia have called this beauty the Responsibilli-Tee, geddit? It’s also¬† got taped seams on the shoulder for additional comfort and shape retention for those of you who are more concerned with saving conserving your wardrobe than the environment.

Buy a Patagonia Responsibilli-Tee at Wellgosh here.


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