Patagonia Responsibili-Tees

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I love our Friday catch-ups with Joey from Working Class Heroes, they’ve become a bit of a regular thing now haven’t they? Marvellous stuff. This week he’s going off on one about one of our favourite brands Patagonia and their environmentally conscious t-shirts, take it away J….

T-shirt weather is back – relatively. Pushing aside the occasional shower, the temps are pretty much up to nakey arm levels, which is nice. We’ve got some good t-shirts in stock, and they’re good for the environment – yeah, warm weather is mint but global warming is most un-mint, so why not get a banging tee which helps the globe at the same time.

Naturally when it comes to a sound piece of kit eyes turn to Patagonia. There’s been a lot of hype these past couple seasons surrounding their new(ish) Responsibili-Tee, and the specifics will show you why. When you buy one of these bad lads you’re going to be wearing 4.8 plastic bottles, 0.26 pounds of fabric scrap and you’ll be saving 63 gallons of water compared to a conventional cotton tee. All materials used are 100% recycled and the 50/50 blend between cotton and polyester is proper cosy. The pun in the name must have torn the Patagonia marketing office up.

The range consists of multiple favourites from Patagonia, such as the P-6 logo, Line Logo Badge and the Shop Sticker, but the one which stands out most is the Golden Dorado, which features original artwork from Casey Underwood and each tee provides donations to the World Trout charity.

Go green and save the planet, lads – pick up your trash at a festival!

Buy a Patagonia T-Shirt at Working Class heroes here.


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