Paul & Shark SS18

Dear Paul (& Shark),

I really like where you’re going with the brand at the moment, it’s still dead Italian but also tips it’s cap in the direction of my sartorial role models i.e. the Mancunian rave organiser/ticket tout of the late 1980s. You’ve really nailed it this season, in fact this colourful Italian leisure wear has even made me want to get the decks out and break into a warehouse for some old school all-nighter based action. So in order to achieve this and because I’ve spent all my money on vintage R&S Records 12″s please can I have one of those silver jackets and a rainbow shark sweatshirt?

All the best,


Neil x

PS I’m also more than happy to get the Mega-bus down to your St James Street store in London to collect this gear.



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