Paul Smith Sliders at Terraces

A couple weeks ago, Rishi Sunak was mocked all over social media for rocking a pair of Palm Angels sliders while working on a speech. If I’m relaxing, I’m constantly wearing sliders – but Sunak? If I wasn’t such a sworn advocate, that might’ve killed them right there. 

Sliders will never go away. It’s impossible. In the winter months they do – occasionally – get subbed for down filled Thermoball Mules, and a pair of beatniks with the backstrap off has been making a way into my wardrobe too. But sliders – they’re effortless. 

Paul Smith’s multicoloured stripes are iconic, and they look very good on sliders. They also make excellent gifts, as one of the best gifts you can bestow on anyone is the gift of comfort. 

Grab a pair from Terraces.

Paul Smith at Terraces.

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