Peanuts Seasons Poster Set

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Sometimes we get our attention taken away from coats with hoods and instead we are forced to focus on things that are just as nice, but you wouldn’t necessarily use them to keep you dry in a storm. It’s natural that if you appreciate a nice piece of outerwear or some really lovely trainers, you’re going to have an appreciation for stuff like furniture, architecture and art.

With this in mind, the promotions folder of my gmail just popped up with these gorgeous things. I know very little about Raid71 and I’m not sure when I expressed an interest in his (her?) work in the past but I’m glad I did. This is just the sort of thing I’d be adorning my living room with if I could afford to drop a ton on things for the wall. Superb aren’t they?

These, plus another couple of splendid pieces of work are on sale at 7pm GMT tomorrow (which the internet tells me is 27th September).

You should check your bank account and invest. I would if I wasn’t a pauper.

I had pizza for tea.

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