Pendleton AW14 at The Great Divide

*sits back in rocking chair*

Course, I’ve been in this menswear writing game for many a year now.

*draws on pipe*

Mostly, it’s writing about plackets and trying to say something about APC other than “Quite French”. Occasionally though, you get a fact thrown at you that wasn’t sourced from google and is so ace that you can’t quite believe you’ve never heard it before.

That’s what happened when I was reliably informed that the former name of the Beach Boys was in fact #menswear related. Prior to pretending to be dead good surfer men (only one of them was, really), they all sported massive plaid shirts, usually by a brand named Pendleton. And as a result, they decided it made perfect sense to let their sartorial choices inform the name of their band, and thus, the Pendletones were born.


God Only Knows how I’d never heard that trivia before. Wouldn’t It Be Nice if every brand had such an ace narrative?

You saw that coming didn’t you? Get yourself over to The Great Divide, which sounds like a Beach Boys song too doesn’t it?

pendleton_the_great_divide_005 pendleton_the_great_divide_010 pendleton_the_great_divide_015 pendleton_the_great_divide_018 pendleton_the_great_divide_023 pendleton_the_great_divide_027 pendleton_the_great_divide_030

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