Pica~Post 10 has landed

I put in a disappointingly brief appearance at the launch of this last night. Apparently there was free beer and French space rock, which sounds right up my rue. Especially the former. But I’m getting on a bit now and needed to get home and get settled. Maybe next time. Still, I was there long enough to have a chat with some of the people who put this latest issue of in house publication Pica~Post together. I left reassured that Oi Polloi remain at the forefront of all things dead good.

Pushing boundaries is something they’ve become known for, so it’s fitting that this tenth issue of Pica~Post is named The Final Frontier. Having made Manchester their own and put down a marker in the South, it seems space is where they’re set on conquering next. Or maybe they’ve just decided to pretend that’s the case to knit together a theme for the magazine. Either way it’s a great read, as usual. Within it you will find:-

– An interview with Reebok founder Joe Foster
– An article by Finders Keepers record hoarder Andy Votel on the subject of French space-rock
– A brief history of the Woolrich Arctic Parka
– Some photos from a real life UFO sighting (in Lancashire)
– And a few drawings of aliens and things like that

You can get a copy from here. And you should. They’re only tuppence. Arr, I said tuppence, that’s rude isn’t it.

Pica-Post-No-10-01 Pica-Post-No-10-02 Pica-Post-No-10-03 Pica-Post-No-10-04 Pica-Post-No-10-05 Pica-Post-No-10-06 Pica-Post-No-10-07 PP-atom-shoot-final-01 PP-atom-shoot-final-02 PP-atom-shoot-final-03 PP-atom-shoot-final-04 PP-atom-shoot-final-05 PP-atom-shoot-final-06 PP-atom-shoot-final-07 PP-atom-shoot-final-08 PP-atom-shoot-final-09-ufo

I had pizza for tea.

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