Pleasures Does Up Sundance with Graphic Hoodie

The LA-based Pleasures consistently channels controversial and provocative thoughts through their prints and clothing. For example, back in 2015, they made headlines for printing a t-shirt and a hat that read “RIP Morrissey”, alongside Kurt Cobain’s alleged suicide note. The shock value boosted the brand’s recognition infinitely and catalysed an entire network of influential wearers (I know, I know, fashion is fickle, but that does translate to sales). 

Continuing that, they’ve printed bits and bobs just to get you talking. 

If you Google “un film de pleasures”, which I’m sure you can guess the meaning of, you’ll find a classic French film about the struggles of prostitutes and an old man finding love. Maybe this time Pleasures is acting all wholesome, like some clothing-derived Sundance, and directing you to some good cinema. Maybe they just like the way the sentence sounds.

Either way, the print is bold and the hoodie is available at John Anthony. 

Pleasures at John Anthony

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