Pointer Tenzing II at Urban Industry

Having had a couple of pairs of Pointer when they first emerged as a brand a few years ago, I’d kind of forgotten about them until recently. Probably says more about my obsessive thirst for something new than it does about Pointer. But recently I grabbed myself a pair of their Conor shoes for a very, very reasonable price. Not picked them up from the post office yet but that’s beside the point. Pointer make good solid shoes for a very competitive price and you’d be a bloody fool to ignore that fact. I was. For a bit.

Here’s a good example of what they’re about these days.

Their Tenzing II shoe obviously has hiking overtones, what with the d-ring eyelets (did I really just say that?) but really, not many of us into Hikerdelia actually go hiking do we? And if we do, we’d not want to ruin our Pointers. We just want to pretend we’re mad hikers. And for those sweaty occasions when walking up a big hill near a train station makes you feel like you’ve just scaled Everest, these are ideal.
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Mark Smith

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