Poler Camo One Man Tent

In a week where we featured actual football boots, I thought we’d widen our (mosquito) net even further. I spoke to a nice man called Benji at Poler about 3 years ago now. We were going to feature them in our Hikerdelic issue as I felt they really fitted the bill, like a muzzle on a duck. 

You’re imagining a duck wearing a muzzle now aren’t you?

Sorry where was I? Yeah, Poler are bang on. The feature never came off, but they’ve since slowly but surely seeped into the UK now but not in the way they probably deserve. Flatspot have some of their stuff, Urban Industry too, last time I looked. And I was surprised to see some t-shirts in that Black Sheep skate shop in Manchester last week. But it’s Flatspot who have the tents.

Ever get the urge to sack it all off, head to the Peak District with a one man tent and loads of biscuits and be at one with nature? I do. Maybe it’s my age, or maybe it’s the fact I’ve not been camping since that time in Buxton where we had to come home early because we were too cold. I grew up camping. Foreign holidays didn’t come along until my teens were firmly established. While it was a treat to go on a plane to somewhere they speak better English than me, the mists of time have set those trailer tent salad days of the 1980s in a very positive light.

We’re off to New York later this year. But if we can’t quite wait until then for a break, I might have to get one of these tents, stock up on biscuits and march manfully into my back garden for the night.

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