Polo Ralph Lauren 1992 Fleece Pullover

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1992 what a year, Wayne’s World was on at the cinema, Eurodisney first opened it’s doors and Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit dominated the airwaves. It was also a pretty big year for Ralph Lauren and his Polo label which seemed particularly popular with cool kids on both sides of the Atlantic. Since then the appeal of Polo has grown and grown with it still remaining a pivotal ‘go to’ brand for a whole new generation of streetwear obsessives and casual connoisseurs. This season they’ve brought back some of the early 90s niceness with pieces like this impressive green pastel coloured pullover. Emblazoned with the all important words POLO alongside the year when everything went a bit excellent, party time!

Buy a Polo Ralph Lauren 1992 Fleece Pullover from Manifesto here.


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