Pop Trading Company ‘Falling Down’ Overshirt

Now I know very little about Pop Trading Company other than they’re from Amsterdam and bang into their skateboards but the fact that they’ve done a ‘Falling Down’ overshirt makes them OK in my book. In fact it make them more than OK it makes them bloody brilliant, thinking about it Dutch people are usually dead sound aren’t they? Anyway this olive overshirt does indeed bear a striking resemblance to the one Michael Douglas wore as in Falling Down as he made his way across an oppressive in LA whilst having a manic Monday meltdown. In fact if we’d known we should have done a collab with Peggs & Son and given away one of our Whammy Burger mugs with every order shouldn’t we?  AAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHH! *has a massive tantrum in Ymmy House chip shop in Ancoats*

Buy a Falling Down overshirt from Peggs & Son here (mug not included).


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