Pop Trading Hooded Half zip – Coral

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Just how in touch with your feminine side are you? I’m not asking you to tuck your tackle between your legs and walk about in high heels saying “I’m a girl, I’m a girl”, I’m just seeing if a pink jacket might take your fancy. No? How about coral?

I’m stuck in the past here aren’t I? Or I’m pretending to be. You see, in these days of people declassifying their gender by making up another classification altogether, whether you’re Arthur or Martha matters not one jot. Girls, sure if you want to wear this you’ll look great. But lads, we’re over it, pink isn’t for girls any more than a skinhead is just for boys. We’re all in one big melting pot, there are no rules, and one thing I know for sure is category or no category, we’ll all look that bit smarter wearing things like this from Pop Trading Co.

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I had pizza for tea.

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