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“Don’t stray too far…” – that’s the advice any protective parent will be familiar with. What’s that got to do with super nice shoes? Well as I sit here typing this with one hand – the other occupied by a five month old imitation version of myself – I don’t have a spare hand to place my ‘menswear’ hat on.

Instead I’m drawing on my vast (well, 13 years) experience as Daddy Daycare and I’m realising the advice I give to my kids makes sense in ‘real life’ too. I don’t tend to stray too far from safety myself, sartorially speaking. The mountain of footwear that has been ungainly gaining mass at the bottom of my wardrobe for the last decade is made up largely of Clarks archetypes (Clarkytypes?) we’re all familiar with. The suede and crepe combo features heavily. I guess I feel safe with it. But sometimes it’s good to break from the norm, mix things up a bit. I don’t stray too far, though…

It’s raining now, as it often does around here. Suede and crepe aren’t the ideal choice for those inclement conditions, so it’s time to look elsewhere for some choice chaussures.

Cool and comfy crepe looks lovely, but anyone who has worn it in a downpour will attest to it being quite impractical. The seasonal weather will have you heading for a Fall or an Autumnal tumble. Best you go with a sturdy alternative then eh? Luxury leather and vital Vibram are reliable and suitable for the wetness we have to endure. And crucially, the shoe remains true and you don’t stray too far…

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