President’s at Fresh

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Given that old orange face might be getting impeached there could well be a vacant position for a new president in 2020. And if that pouting buffoon can get in the White House then surely we’re all in with a chance? Adhering to the old adage of ‘you are what you wear’ kitting yourself out in some President’s gear should give you an additional foot on the electoral ladder too.

Founded back in the 1950s, President’s are a legendary brand from Tuscany who made the first ever Italian denim and are renowned for making contemporary classics using meticulous quality. materials. Fresh in at Fresh store from President’s is truly incredible jacket made from Loro Piana waterproof wool and a beautiful Shetland wool sweater inspired by a vintage Italian navy piece (with additional 3D waves to add to the nautical vibes).

Get your 2020 President’s inauguration outfit from Fresh here.

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