Proper Magazine & Jacket Required presents The Massimo Osti Archive


OK fellow coat obsessives, the time for our little exhibition with Jacket Required is nearly here and this Thursday and Friday if you’re in East London then you’ll finally be able to come and gaze at some very special items that we’ve picked out from the legendary Massimo Osti Archive. Expect to see some goggle jackets, a bit of ice camo, the odd cape or two, some vests, a Levi’s jacket with wires in it and a few other interesting bits and bobs from Bologna. It’s open to the public on both days (Thurs 10.00 til 20.00/Fri 10.00 til 17.00) and totally free to get in so come on down and be sure to say hello to us when you do.

The Massimo Osti Archive

Truman Brewery

Brick Lane

London E1


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