Proper Magazine presents the ‘Gaulle Stones’ Tee

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Cast your mind back to January 2011 if you can, where Mark and I hit the streets of Paris to check out the Capsule trade-show and take in some Gallic culture, in fact if you can’t picture it have a quick look at this top ten I did on our trip here. During our travels we not only met someone physically involved in the Parisian riots of 1968 but we also managed to unearth some of pieces of original situationist artwork. The one poster that particularly caught my eye featured a striking image I’d not seen anywhere before or since in relation to Mai ’68. From a landscape angle the sketch in the illustration resembles a substantial pile of cobblestones just waiting to be hurled at les flics however if you turn the image to an upright portrait position a stoney silhouette of Charles de Gaulle is revealed. It blew my mind, so I bought it on the spot and vowed to do something with that magical image one day. Nearly five years have passed and we’ve finally put it on a tee shirt, with an equally situationist slogan on the front. “” meaning ‘never work’ felt like a suitable choice given how long it’s taken us to make this tee and with it being first daubed on a Parisian wall by founding member of Situationist International Guy Debord in 1953 as well as re-emerging all over Paris during those revolutionary riots in 1968.

Being a labour of love rather than a profit making project, this is a very limited run of tees that we won’t be repeating. They fit true to size, come in white or grey marl and contain 100% organic ‘je ne sais quois’. Buy yours here and here.

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