Proper Picks – August 2022

Klattermusen Gjalp Backpack
For your full day trekking experience or just your commute to work, the Gjalp Lightweight Backpack is a reliable companion. Gjalp is the Swedish word for ‘Howl’ apparently, which is suitably wildernessy isn’t it?
Get from Klattermusen themselves here.

Druthers Recycled Ankle Socks
It’s now fully acceptable to wear socks with sandals, we’ve decided. With that in mind, give Druthers a chance. Their made in Japan ankle socks are a mixture of recycled and organic cotton, which tbh sounds pretty good doesn’t it?
See more at Druthers

Varsity Ventile Cap
Now here’s a thing, a cotton, waterproof cap, just in time for the impending autumnal rain. Presented across five colour ways, the Varsity Ventile cap is both breathable and water-repellent and therefore one of the brand’s most trusted and versatile pieces.
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The North Face Thermoball Traction Mule
These look like something a Ninja Turtle would wear to a banana-themed sleepover and for that reason alone you’re gonna want a pair. Even if you’re not a reptile (are turtles even reptiles? You get the point anyway) you’ll gain extra cool points by donning these around the campfire on your off grid jaunt.
Oi Polloi have them, here.

Carhartt Frolo T-Shirt
Nice colours, pretty hikerdelic tbh. Nice. Carhartt do nice tees don’t they.
Get from Wellgosh here

adidas Gazelle in Linen Green
A more summery trainer we are yet to find. These are so fresh they’ll have you feeling mint.
Aphrodite are your go-to-guys for these

New Norse Projects AW22 delivery
It might be boiling hot but those with an eye on autumn are already considering their near future. Norse are here for you, lads.
Get it here

A Vibe Called Tech
Turned A is a new limited edition collection of apparel from A Vibe Called Tech in collaboration with Unified Goods. The name takes its cues from A Vibe Called Tech’s founder Charlene Prempeh and Creative Director Lewis Gilbert’s personal stories as second generation African and Caribbean immigrants.

The first drop includes long and short sleeve t-shirts as well as caps emblazoned with We are all they, paying homage to Ghanian culture and the absence of gender in the country’s dialects.

See here for more

Corridor Hand Crochet Pima Cardigan
This will never not be appreciated here in the Proper Office. Sure, it looks like something a hipster Mrs Doubtfire would wear to a skate jam, but as with all of these fantastical scenarios we dream up, that’s why we like it!
Score one here

Forty Cam Shorts
A brand we don’t cover much, but probably should, Forty make some smart gear without necessitating you taking a hammer to your piggy bank.
Xile have them here

Norda 001 – Black Dyneema/Black Rubber
Nobody say GORP. But if you do, say it while wearing a pair of these, zip up your Arc’teryx, close your eyes and you’ll wake up in a field of ultra-marathon runners all on mushrooms.
Get from Wellgosh here

Aries No Problemo Scarf
Because what could be more necessary in British summertime than an actual scarf? Not buying it for actually wearing though, are you?
Wrap yourself up here

Salomon XT-4 Advance Trainer
Pink and black, like a Juventus away shirt or some kind of tropical fish. Salomon have been doing their thing under the radar for several decades, yet here they are flavour of the month. That flavour being strawberry and licorice.
Get from 18montrose

Noah NY Cotton Twill Shorts
Oh God Noah, will you just stop it now. Making nice things that lead us to re-evaluate our entire wardrobe. These shorts are what Baywatch fellas would wear if it made a comeback.
Get from Noah themselves here

Klattermusen Algir Accessory Bag
Anyone who has been on holiday this summer will know you don’t want to be bouncing down the promenade with bulky pockets, nor do you require a massive rucksack. A purse like this does the trick.
Get from Nordic Outdoor here

Mizuno Wave Prophecy
Nike may well have introduced Air technology but these days, the bubble has been thrown out and several brands are making shoes that look like something a Robocop proto would wear. Mizuno’s Wave Prophecy are a good example of that.
Get here, but be quick

Sporty and Rich Crest Crew Neck
Sporty and Rich puts me on the back foot. It all looks a bit ‘establishment’ if you know what I mean? Like, rich kids who are naturally quite good at sport because it’s in the breeding. I shouldn’t be into it, but I am.
End have these, here, look.

Snow Peak Wide Folding Chair
Hiking? Yep, we all are aren’t we? Camping? Yep, most of us are on that too. The next, most natural step is taking something small, packable but sturdy on that hike/camp and Snow Peak have just the thing.
Aphrodite are your go-to-guys on these

Palladium Pampa Hi Wax
This being summertime, maybe you’re feeling energetic. If so, procure a pair of Palladium Pampa Hi Wax and head up a hill. With any luck the recent drought will leave most of your trail dry and make these the perfect accompaniment for your stroll.
Get here

Oswen Black Vegan Range
A brand launched by someone steeped in German footwear heritage, but with origins in Manchester, Oswen pairs up knowledge, history and expertise. Their vegan range subs out leather and replaces it with something that isn’t tight to animals. If you don’t like being tight to animals, get on them.
See more here

ST95 UV Reactive Sweatshirt
The ST95 UV Reactive Sweat has been treated with a UV light sensitive application and changes colour when exposed to daylight.  Very much in keeping with the roots of the brand and its founder and ideal for summer.
See more here

MC Overalls Polycotton Work Jacket
MC Overalls may sound like someone who works as a carpenter by day and works grime events of a weekend, but we can assure you that’s not what it is. Well, we don’t think it’s that. They make nice workwear with a contemporary edge, in colours designed to put a smile on your face.
Check them out here

New Balance 9060
Chunky sole fans assemble. This 9060 possesses the heft you want without making you look like you’ve got small person syndrome. Retro meets contemporary in a way only New Balance seems to get consistently right.
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