Proper Picks – September 2022

We’re fixing our faces forward to fall (yeah, autumn), as the new gear begins to slowly fall into shops like the leaves will surely begin to leave the trees. Lovely image that, isn’t it?

The best season will soon be upon us so we’ve chosen to create another of our little lists of things that caught our eye. It’ll be updated regularly during the month, so make sure you check back in due course, yeah?

Norse Projects Arktisk
Tell you what’s good? Norse Projects that’s what. They’ve gradually evolved and what we see before us now is a brand right at the coalface of contemporary fashion, without disappearing up its own rear. Things may be a little more expensive, but then that applies to everything these days, plus you get what you pay for. This is the backdrop to them launching their own technical footwear. This stuff is like something John Connor would wear on Douglas Quaid’s stag night on the moon.
Just launched at Norse Projects

Vollebak Full Metal Jacket
Possibly the best brand in the world. Nothing more to say really. Read their words and check them out at their website.
Get it here

Salomon XT-Wings 2
The unstoppable march of techwear towards the mainstream continues apace, with these JD Sports exclusives, which look pure like something Robocop would wear to play short tennis with Clarence Boddicker. Goes without saying, that’s a good thing, isn’t it?
Get them here

Riot Division Short Jacket
Waterproof, durable and designed to keep you safe and sound, this technical piece is designed and manufactured in Ukraine. Pretty impressive by any standards.
See more here.

Heresy Lunisolar Pullover
A tank top that will make you look like a wizard or at the very least an eccentric barman. It’s that time of the year when the extra layers start to creep out of the wardrobe and in the case of knitwear, show the scars of moth biting season. Treat yourself to something new that’ll attract bemused looks, admiring glances and questions about whether Brian Cox wants his vest back. All good things.
Get from Goodhood here

HALO Outerwear and more
A brand with inspiration rooted in the Danish Special Forces, HALO have just launched their AW22 range, which as you’d expect from a Nordic technical brand, is full of robust yet flexible garments, made to protect you from the elements. Naturally, like most brands today they don’t insist you only wear their gear to an arctic ultramarathon and as such, it’s designed to look just as good on your commute in the depths of winter.
Find out more about HALO here.

Scotch and Soda x Valoretti
A match made in Amsterdam, these two Dutch brands have come together to create something they’re calling an “Amsterdam Proof” Capsule collection. Taking the terrain of their home city, they’ve got their heads together for something that combats the rain and takes the strain out of one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world. There’s even an electric bike option.
Lots more to read about it here. The rainwear is well worth a closer look.

Nobis Hydra Performance Poncho
The Hydra Performance Poncho is crafted from durable micro denier fabric with sealed seams and a Durable Water Repellent finish for high-performance protection in wet conditions. It features Nobis’ exclusive Embrace laminated interior membrane for added dryness and warmth. You just know the winter won’t be far off when people are pushing ponchos and if you’re gonna think about winter-wear, a Canadian brand is a safe bet.
More Nobis here

Nandos Heat Reactive Clothing
Many of us love that spicy chicken Nandos peddle so well, so why not make the leap into heat reactive clothing? This challenges perceptions and allows us to pretend we don’t take clothing seriously (even though we do really).
Available now at Nandos online.

Patagonia Line Logo Ridge Pocket Tee
Sure, the P-6 is the Daddy of Patagonia t-shirts, but everyone wears them and sometimes you want something the same, but different don’t you? Look no further.
Get it from Fresh.

Lee Jeans FW22 – Denim is in our Nature
For FW22, Lee Jeans is celebrating its expert denim legacy with a campaign that highlights the brand’s natural affinity with the iconic fabric, while underlining its dedication to sustainability. Released under the tagline ‘Denim is our Nature’, the campaign highlights their dual aim of caring for both people and the planet. As with any denim or workwear brand it’s a fine balance between the timeless and the trend. Lee have that licked though, with a range of new gear that’ll work in a number of settings.
Find out more

KEEN Uneek
Having established the genre of al fresco sneakers, KEEN are back with another new colourway. This one was brought together by Product Twelve designer Masaki Kawase.
Get it here

Fjallraven Pom Hat
Winter is on the way. No really, it is. Sure, you’re still sweating just putting your clothes on, but trust us, it’s coming. It’ll be here before you know it. With that in mind, you know what to do.
Oi Polloi have some nice Fjall hats here

Nike ACG Lowcate
It sounds like locate, as in ‘finding the position of’, but there’s a w in there just to outfox us. Clever, ACG. Very clever. Plus, given the amount of sports footwear that has been released over the years, how hard must it be to come up with something that hasn’t been used before. It must be like lowcating a needle in a haystack.
Get from various places, such as Goodhood, here.

adidas Originals Mexicana
One of THE early adidas Originals, the Mexicana takes the Gazelle and sprinkles it with a bit of Mexican spice. No, not that spice.
Fresh have these. Get some, you’ll love them.

Hoka Mafate Speed 4
They sound like a car but they’re not. They almost look like a car, but no, they’re not. What they are is a new release from probably the most revered footwear brand in our (and your) circle right now. Look at the colours, the patterns. Then think about how well made and comfortable they are. Then buy some.
Do so here.

Salomon XT-6 Expanse 75th anniversary
The autumnal hues come on an autumnal shoe. Great for kicking fuck out of leaves.
Get from here

Kavu True T-Shirt
Like something Ikea would release for a hike, except it’s not Ikea, it’s another cool four letter word, Kavu.
Get it from them, here.

The North Face M66 Utility Rain Jacket
As is absolutely typical of TNF, this is a perfectly proportioned piece of outerwear that looks more expensive than it is.
Outsiders have them, but we suspect not for long.

New Balance 725V1
No round-up would be complete here on this website without us including another prolific profile of some suave new New Balance. These look like something you’d wear for a massive walk to the hardware store before going home to watch a remastered version of Robocop. No idea, just what’s in my head.
Yards have them

Gramicci Cali Trees T-Shirt
The end of summer is nigh, sadly, but maybe it’s time to get out the jackets anyway. You can’t wear them with nish underneath though, which is why this Gramicci Cali Trees T-Shirt in the sale is so appealing. That and its suave design.
Get it now

Ten C Tempest Combo Jacket
This delectable down jacket is worth the money. Whether you have said money is a matter for you to decide, but over time, just as that kettle BJ talked about will be an investment, so will this. You can’t wear a kettle though. Think on.
Get it here

Portuguese Flannel Fun Shirt
What a great name for an item of clothing, especially when set against the current misery the news seems to want to peddle. This shirt may not be actually fun, it’s pretty formal after all. But you can definitely wear it while having fun.
Get it from Fresh now.

Druthers x Hikerdelic Recycled Melange Socks
Fixing your best foot forward for fall is easier to do than it is to actually say. We launched these under our own Hikerdelic brand with Druthers late last year and purposely got quite a lot of pairs. They won’t be discounted to clear because basically they’re too good to discount, seriously. Buy a pair if you don’t believe us.
Get them here

Left Hand Pin Badge
Look, we’re all a bit worried about how much it’s gonna cost us to heat our houses this winter. It might actually be more cost-effective to throw on a reassuringly expensive coat. On that score, Left Hand are launching some smart new ones in the next couple of weeks. Until then, bag a pin badge.
Get from their website here

Norse Projects ARKTISK Expedition Parka

This full length deep winter parka is developed in collaboration with GORE-TEX ® product technology and offers complete waterproof protection. It’s all you’ll need to see you through Nordic-style elements this winter.
Get it here

Moncler Skiier Intarsia Crew Knit
While we’re talking about spending the heating budget on clothes, how about this lovely, luxurious knit from Moncler? It’ll stop your shivering and help you style out the fact your fridge is warmer than your actual house.
Not cheap, but it’s Moncler, so you know… get it here

C.P. Company Gabardine Hooded Smock Jacket
Another season sees C.P. Company return with more outerwear suitable for a life lived on the terraces.
Speaking of which, get it at Terraces

RRL Alston Jacket
Possibly the most expensive item we’ve written about on here, but you get what you pay for. This is absolutely peak Ralph Lauren. Reckon he wears one of these in bed, with matching underpants, a cool fucker.
Get it here

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