Proper Playlist – Michael Richardson

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Here at Proper we love music. Like really love music. Alongside looking at socks, smirking at memes
and consuming trans-fats, it’s Spotify playlists that are getting us through the days. Whilst Spotify
(like all streaming platforms) might financially shaft the artists who produce the music, it is what it is
for now and it’s an essential aspect of the Proper hive-mind.

With this in mind we thought it was time we shared some of our playlists and those of some of our
friends. To kick-off what will be a regular feature (until we get distracted…oooh look…a shiny jacket),
we’ve asked Michael Richardson to share some of what he’s putting in his ears at the moment.

Michael has been part of the Proper fam for well over a decade now, regularly contributing to the
magazine, the website and a load of other projects we’ve done. A post-casual ‘gobby Manc’, Michael
is our go-to-guy for information on pre-millennial Oldham Road, pint pots with handles, hat advice
and of course, top Spotify playlists.

If you haven’t got Spotify then soz. If you have, get your ears around this for a bit and remember, if
you think it’s shit, there’ll be another one along soon (ish).

Listen now

In the meantime, read what Michael has to say about the music he has elected to compile. Follow him on Instagram via @realsuedeshoes

Every season of the year affects and influences my musical mood but Autumn always seems to
affect it the most. Summery, outdoors-y playlists are phased-out in favour of more tonal and cosy
ones that start stoking the excitement of the impending Big Coat season. This Autumn is mostly
being spent sitting looking out at the garden through patio doors, locked-down at home again like
many of us and experiencing the season’s slow drama unfold through double-glazing.

Like my current moods, the playlist moves in and out of being doleful, sombre, calm, hopeful,
wistful, soothed, bored and all of them other things. I’ve turned firmly to music with warmth, space
and something like melancholia, although I’d try not to use the word ‘melancholia’ as it’s a bit
thingy. This Autumn in particular has heightened my need for musical balm and tunes that can see
me through a slow, repeated day of staring at three walls and the decaying garden framed in the
glass. Saying all that though it’s a playlist that’s pretty uplifting and chock full of absolute bangers.

Probably the simplest way to describe it is; if it was made of colours it would mostly very brown
(various shades), dark green and absolutely golden. It also feels a bit like it’s made of wood, if you
know what I mean.

(Apologies. None of that sounded quite that pretentious when I wrote it. Ah well. Fuck it).
There are a couple of Erland Cooper tracks on there and his music, art and thought are a big
influence on what I’m listening to right now. Erland’s music is really Autumny and he’s made some
brilliant albums that you should all go and listen to (after you’ve listened to this playlist obviously).
Further inspiration for this playlist has come from; The view from my Kitchen window between
2:10pm and 3: 20pm – Maple trees – The Shining Levels by John Wyatt – Elizabeth Alker’s
weekend breakfast shows – Yorkshire Tea Biscuit flavour – – Rediscovering
the Boards Of Canada back catalogue – Spending far too much time looking at the Howlin’ knitwear
Instagram page – Morrison’s Best fruit scones – BBC Autumnwatch – Halloween walks through the
back streets of Whitby – Staring out of my living room window at the apples that have fallen off the
trees and are turning brown before my eyes (and not being arsed to go out and pick them up) –
Adsum NYC’s A/W lookbook – Glenn Kitson’s mixes for Amateurism and Balamii – Easy-peel
satsumas – – The First Bohemians by Vic Gatrell – Truth Seekers on
Amazon Prime – St Dominic’s Preview by Van Morrison – Columbia Flow Borough walking boots (in
Hiker Green and Lagoon) – Codeine Phosphate – Hikerdelic – @outdoorrecarchive on Instagram –
Uniqlo Ultra-Light Down – YMC X Wild Bunch Stoller moccasins – Eccleshall Road, Sheffield – North
Brewing Company – @wesrobinsondesign on Instagram – CoEnzyme Q-10 – – Google Earth (dreaming) – Socially-distanced street drinking – Czaja
Stanzteile fire pits – Baileys Irish Cream – Alan Watts – Thinking about Christmas – Lots, and lots,
and lots of time.

I had pizza for tea.

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