Proper x Urban Industry Dickies Summer Lookbook

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So, ever since we set up camp the┬áMancunian industrial heartland of Ancoats we’ve actively used that base to get to know people better. Not in some community outreach sense, although we did befriend a local homeless fella. No, what I mean is, we’ve made a lot of friends who are into similar things. Being close to the city centre has afforded us the opportunity to get matey with fellow creative types and collaborate as only us Nathan Barley types can.

One such co-operative crusade saw Proper team up with four very smart young lads on behalf of South Coasters Urban Industry and our mates from Dickies. The general idea was to channel the 90s Larry Clark classic ‘Kids‘ and utilise Manchester’s hint of NYC to show off Urban Industry‘s latest Dickies range. Admittedly we swerved the underage sex, the drugs, the battering people in parks and of course the STDs and went with something far more wholesome. We did have problems with Uber and at one point one of the lads nearly stood on a used needle, but that’s as dramatic as it got.

Huge thanks are due to the up-and-coming photographer Jacob Johnson, his mates Keanu, Keown and Kai, plus obviously all at UI and Dickies.

If you like the gear, head over to Urban Industry.

I had pizza for tea.

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