Element Helps Public Enemy ‘Fight the Power’

Public Enemy x Element is a hip-hop infused skateboarding collection, launched in collaboration with a NY-based, community-led non-profit.

Chuck D and Flavor Flav formed Public Enemy on the streets of NY, way back in 1985, tapping into a new generation of cultural activists and educators through their music. 7 years later, Element was inspired by the sound developed in Long Island, and now the two have joined forces to celebrate a mission that still resonates the world over. 

This isn’t Public Enemy’s first foray into skateboarding collaborations: in 2019, they worked with Supreme and Undercover for a capsule, but now the Element collection is inspired by the legacy of Public Enemy’s 90’s sportswear influences, with silhouettes that reference both brand’s NY roots. 

A highlight of the collection is a Stencil Skateboard with co-branded logos and Public Enemy’s target motif.

Chuck D declares to the camera in an associated press video: 

“The powers that be want to move slow and keep you back and not understand that arts, culture, and athleticism are some things that can free you from your mind, free your soul, and free your body to actually enjoy this planet earth, of where we were put to live connected as human beings to take care of this place. 

“If that’s the case man, that’s why this is a fruitful relationship to help people. So we’d like to thank you all. Fight the power.”

The collection was launched in collaboration with the Harold Hunter Foundation, named after the late skate legend Harold Hunter. The foundation was founded in 2006 to support the skateboarding youth of NYC.

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Public Enemy x Element. 

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