PUMA Clyde X SOLE ‘Swag’


This week is already turning out to be pretty old school hip-hop, as yesterday I interviewed Charlie Ahearn the producer/writer/director of seminal graf film ‘Wild Style’ and today I’m writing about B-Boys in Puma Clydes. What’s gonna happen tomorrow? Maybe Afrika Bambaata is gonna pop round for a brew, who knows? But yeah, anyway, Puma have launched their second collaboration with Sole DXB with a limited edition, super fresh version of the legendary ‘Clyde’ shoe made using tanned ostrich leather, gold tipped laces and  gold foil leather detailing for the ultimate pair of premium Pumas. To celebrate the ‘Swag’ the two brands decided to take it back to the heart of Hip-Hop culture and where this iconic trainer became a global phenomenon, New York City. Modelling the shoe and epitomising the self-expression and ‘swag’ of B-Boy culture are local art collective ‘Waffle’ who continue to push forward the inherent creativity to be found on these streets, despite the local authorities plans to sanitise the subways and the city by cracking down on dance crews performing.

The SOLE DXB x PUMA Clyde ‘Swag’ will be available November 18 in limited numbers through the PUMA Courtyard space and Early Retirement concept store at Sole DXB 2016 in the Dubai design district.









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