Puma Crackle Pack – Trinomic Disc Blaze

“Life moves fast. If you don’t look around and check your phone loads of times in a really self-conscious manner, you could miss it.”

That’s the line I’d open my own life story with. It sums things up perfectly. It’s true though, life does move pretty fast. When I think of all the shoes I’ve loved and lost over the years, I can barely remember half of them. What I do remember though is a deep, deep love for Dassler’s Nemesis during a rebellious spell in my teens. Football boots, astroturf (remember them?) trainers and even a pair of Puma Disc.

For some reason, like a dear friend whose number I lost, me and Puma haven’t seen each other for a while. Until recently. Sure, at first it was a little awkward as we reacquainted with each other, but in the end the same thing that brought us together all those years ago remained.

God, I can see the Twitter bellends lapping this post up. “Ha ha he was talking about shoes like some mad ex-girlfriend he probably never even had hahaha. Ha-ahahaaaa someone please help me I’m so alone” I hear them say.

Thing is though, while the technology is ultimately a genuine bit of pulling power on these laceless lovelies, I have neither the will nor the interest in talking about that. It’s just there. It’s nice. The end.

In future, I promise not to lose touch with Herzo’s understated second success story, especially if they keep doing this sort of thing.

They’re out now, get them from Size?

puma3 puma4

I had pizza for tea.

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