Puma x Han Kjøbenhavn Basket

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Sometimes, in these tribalist trainer times within which we live it takes a collab with a cool Danish menswear brand to let us know that it’s more than OK to wear some Pumas on your feet. Those dope Danes Han Kjøbenhavn have been let loose on a pair of Puma basket to give them a literal and metaphorical glacially cool makeover. They’ve also used a premium super soft leather upper in conjunction with raw suede overlays alongside a classy branded deubré (which is one of those little tag things that sits on the laces btw). These lovely low profile shoes are great on a number of levels but mainly because they’ve reminded us that Puma are still 100% capable of making highly desirable footwear when they put their minds (and their Danish mates) to it.

Buy a pair of Puma x Han Kjøbenhavn Basket at Wellgosh here.


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