Purposeful Activity – Marlowe Boxer Shorts


I’m not sure what kind of purposeful activity Daniel Jenkins has in mind but given the high quality of his new range of boxers I reckon wearing a pair could ensure an entire night of very purposeful ‘activity’ once your other half sees you parading round in them. Please can I have a pair Daniel? Please? Not one for making things for the hell of it/pure profit, these boxers have been made at the UK’s finest underwear factory (i.e. not Weatherfield) where most boxers that come out of there would cost you three times as much DJ has managed to keep the cost down to a very reasonable £25 a pair. These ‘elegant every day basics’ are worth every penny in my opinion and just like an ace pair of socks no self-respecting bloke should be without a pair of proper well made, smart boxer shorts. Buy them HERE






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