Put Bretagne First with Armor-Lux

See what I did there with the title? I took the name of a horrible organisation which doesn’t like foreigners and spun it into a positive by referring to a very un-horrible part of a foreign country. Take that, racists!

Armor-Lux probably don’t deserve to be caught up in that particular hornets nest though, so let’s focus on the good stuff. Founded in 1938, Armor-Lux are like a lot of brands established several generations ago. They’re the last man standing from a time when their ilk were plentiful. As one of the only remaining Breton manufacturers to still be based in Brittany, their history speaks for itself.

The story goes that this fetching stripe was instigated by maritime types to make anyone clumsy enough to fall overboard easy to see. This is apparently something written into French law in 1858, an era when France were being bolshy by boat in Vietnam so they knew what they were doing, presumably.

The French know all about sailing, as the little-known third verse to their anthem La Marseillaise “GOOD AT BOATS” observes (it doesn’t really).

They are good at boats though and therefore it stands to reason they’re also good at clothing relating to boats.

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I had pizza for tea.

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