Q. When is a coat not a coat?

A. When it’s also a hunting trophy.

We got a very interesting email from a graduate of St Martins called Rohan Chhabra this week (I feel like Jimmy Saville reading this out) asking if we were interested in seeing his coat, after looking at the pictures we thought we’d mis-read it and he’d actually said goat but no it’s definitely a coat oh and a ram’s head wall trophy as well. A bit like a transformer if it came from Derbyshire (who we’ve christened ‘Barbour Blacksheep’ ). Clearly a fan of Aitor and serious design innovation as well as sustainability and ethics we really like what Rohan’s done here and hope to see him go on to make a Ram’s head sized dent in the clothing world. For more info on his designs, check out his site:


  1. Utterly bonkers and totally impractical.

    Where can I buy one?

  2. Biff Loman

    Why would it need goggles? Goats don’t swim.


  3. That’s fantastic.

    It’s missing a pair of goggles, though.

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