R.Newbold x Central Station Madchester Collection

Despite their English roots, R.Newbold remain distant to most British clothes bores like me. They like to throw the odd tease via collabs with UK retailers like Goodhood or going back a bit further Oi Polloi, but eBay seems to be the last remaining unreliable, infrequent source of Newbold these days.

As a result, their latest inspiration has surprisingly gone under the radar a bit, and I felt compelled to write about it.

Being sold only in Japan perhaps insulates the brand from the cynicism that surrounds Madchester nostalgia. Living close to that city down the road means I’m one of many that thinks it’s time to move on and create something new. There are 17 year old kids who think Oasis are still the best band in the world. Fair enough, but you know, get your own guitar, make it do things we’ve not heard before. Get a different haircut. Move on. Take what happened in the late 80s and let it inspire you to do something new.

Typically, it’s in Japan where they take the style that surrounded the scene and twist it. Like a melon, man. And something new is the result.

The collab with Central Station is one which reaches into the rucksack of a Manchester before the IRA inspired a load of renovations. A time when all there was in the Northern Quarter were a few remaining pet shops and a smattering of rent boys.

The collection expands on that nostalgia and doesn’t shy away from the use of overt imagery. But it’s the fact they’ve created something new that makes it ok by me, and I reckon you. Contemporary fits applied to that Haçienda aesthetic. The Haç-thetic. I’ll use that phrase again.

Plus, I’d not seen many people mention it online and it therefore seemed pretty daft for me not to write about it. No shame in my game.
Would I wear it? Maybe the shirts and the tees. But it’s not meant for me. I’m not Japanese for a start.

I’m off to dig out my Joe Bloggs t-shirts. They were way too big back then, but they’ll probably be a lovely fit these days.

Once you’ve looked the pics, click here and watch all 8 parts of this.


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