RÆBURN SS19 – React Now

Eco-friendly fashion is more talked about now than it ever has been before, and while the ice-caps continue to melt and the U.K. weather continues to be as unpredictable as ever, Christopher Raeburn is doing something about it.

For SS19, Raeburn releases his latest collection entitled React Now, a collection based on the human story of how our world continues to fall helplessly into a man-made apocalypse. Using solely eco-friendly and naturally sourced materials, React Now is Raeburn’s way of telling us to sit up and take notice through the power of fashion.

It’s a range full of mega coats, jackets and tees, with our favourites pictured below. They’re literally jackets that can save the world, which is mint.

Check out the collection here and be a part of the movement to stop us from ruining what we don’t deserve (and looking mint while doing it).


Tayler Willson

Absolutely well into house plants.

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