RÆFOUND Radicalism – from RÆBURN

“What could be more radical than making nothing at all?” asks Christopher Raeburn’s new sourcing project, RÆFOUND. 

The project, designed with the ethical intention of addressing the clothing industry’s environmental impact, has sourced unworn military gear. Despite their inherent functionality, many pieces have been decommissioned as recently as April 2021. 

All-weather parkas, thermally insulated trousers, cross-body bags, and boonie hats make up part of the collection. Key highlights include modular light-weight load-carrying equipment (MOLLE) systems, Airman Battle Uniforms (ABU), and Army Combat Uniforms (ACU), belonging to the original US Military Gen III. 

The items remain in their original form with the simple and subtle addition of Raeburn branding.

The collection launched yesterday and you can see more here

Browse RÆFOUND here.

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