A Tale of Two Rains: Scandi-style for Northern Weather 

The Danish brand Rains marries functionality with simplicity, crafting the perfect clothes for when the heavens open – and all the moments in between.

Rains was founded in Aarhus, Denmark, where it’s reported to rain around 170 days a year. Sure, that’s pretty wet, but over here in Manchester, we average 200 rainy days a year, which means we know a thing or two about wet conditions. In a completely irrelevant yet nonetheless interesting side note, Oasis was originally called The Rain, named after the city’s weather, but then the elder Gallagher joined, renamed the band to Oasis, and shafted Chris Hutton, who’s still livid to this day. 

Anyway, the Danish Rains launched in 2012 with a single, waterproof poncho. Since then, they’ve evolved to not just full collections, but fashion week shows, where their Paris FW22 show was closed by Prince Nikolai of Denmark, who walked for the brand in a sky pink ensemble. That’s a pretty impressive step in ten years. 

Rains’ ready-to-wear collections are famous for their use of rubber in waterproofing items, with iconic pieces like the fishtail parka, the classic rubber jacket, and the rubber roll-top backpack being consistent releases. Aesthetically, Rains tends to adhere to a minimalist theme, despite being maximalist in features, positioning itself on the more covert side of functionalism. 

In an interview with Liberty in 2019, the founders Philip Lotko and Daniel Hesselager stated that: “longevity is a key value in our company, especially in our product and design strategy. Our core product offering has been refined over the seasons, but is essentially the same as when we first started in 2012,” cementing Rains’ passion for utility in design. 

The brand has grown from its humble beginnings to become a significant player in outdoor wear. Because of this, any Rains purchase is a good one, and you can find several of their pieces discounted at Aphrodite.

Personal favourites include the all-round padded jacket, which is timeless and fit for all weather conditions, as well as the Fishtail Parka, which is easily imaginable on the back of Manchester’s The Rain, be it the Gallaghers or our kid Chris Hutton. In fact, there’s an image we found on a Facebook fan page of Liam wearing one of Rains’ 4 pocket shirts below.

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