RAINS ‘Overcast’

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Coming from the North West of England it’s no wonder we have such an affinity with the Danes when after all what is Denmark but just a massive Scandinavian Manchester but with better skin? It rains loads, everyone is dead cool and they’re bang into their music. I mean if you wanted to split hairs you could argue that unlike MCR everyone in Denmark is at least good looking enough to be a 90s era Calvin Klein model and the last time I was there you couldn’t class visiting Greggs three times a day as a full time job but you get my gist.  A case in point being the Danish brand Rains who have just named their SS17 collection ‘Overcast’ in honour of thee melancholic Scandinavian skies that still appear regularly throughout the warmer months. The brooding and dramatic aspect of this cloud ridden climate has been reflected via the colours chosen  for many of the new season’s jackets, all of which are the ideal type of precipitation-proof parkas for combatting April showers and reliably rainy Northern Summers.

Check out some radical rainwear here.


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