Ralph Lauren Belport Jacket

Like Neil Summers before me, I’m the sort of person who believes that names ought to mean something. So when this Belport jacket popped up, I thought: what or who is Belport? 

In the UK, Belport is a farming investment company. Would the classic American brand be referencing that? Very unlikely. So, over in the States, Belport corresponds to a few towns: one in NY, one in California. Unfortunately, though, those Belports are spelt Bellport, and I doubt Ralph would get that wrong. Anyway: the mystery is inconclusive.


This recycled nylon jacket is lightweight and water-repellent. It’s in a beautiful orange which brings light on rainy days, so you know that wherever you are, be it Bellport, USA, or surveying the assets over at Belport, UK, you’re doing yourself and everyone around you a favour. 

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