Ralph Lauren Polo Hoodie Centralises Power

There’s something about a centralised logo that changes it. On hoodies, sweaters – maybe not t-shirts – the central logo carries a greater degree of charm. Maybe it’s utility: a layered hoodie often loses its logo under a coat. With a centralised logo, it’s still present. Even in cost, centralised swoosh hoodies go for more money on Depop than their asymmetrical counterparts, often breaching a hundred quid. You can roll any JD and pick up a normal Nike hoodie, but a central swoosh? Not a chance. 

Ralph Lauren know this, and now they want access to the centralised logo hoodie market. If you listen, you can hear the galloping now, the fast-approaching horse, the polo player cheering and swinging his… uh, polo stick? 

John Anthony heard the call and got Ralph on the phone. Now they have a set of Polo’s centralised hoodies in black and white. The perfect underlayer. The perfect polo player. 

Ralph Lauren at John Anthony.

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