Ralph Lauren Work Shirt (Chambray) at Oi Polloi


I’d go as far as to say that the chambray shirt is one of the most ageless items of clothing there is. They’ll never not look good. This Work Shirt by Ralph Lauren looks like it was designed under the strict supervision of Cool Hand Luke.

I wear chambray shirts all year round, me. And I don’t even work on a chain gang. They look cool without a jacket on fair spring and summer days, and they look equally good under three or four layers the other nine months of the year. It’s a wardrobe staple.

Another thing I like about them is how they help you suss people out: if someone makes a “double denim” remark or accusation when you wear a chambray shirt with jeans, that’s when you know they’re not to be trusted. The inability to make the distinction between chambray and denim is one of the classic hallmarks of the philistine.

The fabric this shirt’s made out of is particularly robust and not as light as most of the chambray shirts you encounter. That said, you needn’t worry about sweating like mad in it, as it incorporates cutting-edge bad-BO-combat technology – i.e. there are some nice little vents right under the armpits.

Its buttons are a tasteful off-white colour (apart from the bottom navy one) and there are two breast pockets which you’ll probably never use. That’s pretty much it – there’s not even a little horsey on it. But I like that.

If you want one, you should probably leg it over to Oi Polloi with all your spends.






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