Ralph Lauren’s Colorado Ranch House

Sometimes, while trawling the internet looking for nice coats, we’re drawn beyond nice coats and shoes to just nice things in general. It surely follows that if you like the colour of a new jacket by Battenwear or the plaid design of a Ralph Lauren shirt, or you appreciate how ugly-pretty a pair of Mephisto are, you are also going to be into cars, furniture, houses and that.

I’ll level with you, cars bore me. Not all of them, but all that Top Gear chat about engines and that. Bootcut bellendery as far as I can see. Tell me I’m wrong? I like cars that look nice though. I also like houses and that. This is a nice gaff. Ralph Lauren lives there, apparently and it’s called the RRL Ranch. A nightmare for Jonathan Ross to pronounce, no doubt.

It’s like a 17,000 acre museum made out of wood and stuff robbed from an Indian reservation. I’m going to go there one day and be at one with nature. Me and Ralph will go out riding horses through streams, laughing at mountains and just generally being really good mates. I can dream can’t I?

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