Red Star 2017/18 home jersey by adidas

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Currently on their 11th name since forming in 1895, Red Star are a Paris-based club who will be starting the new season in France’s Championnat National (Division 3) following last season’s relegation. In the wake of their city neighbours PSG spunking 200 million on Neymar, Red Star have brokered a mega-deal of their own, tying-up a shirt sponsorship deal with alternative media herberts Vice.  Both outsiderish institutions, Vice’s worldwide audience will bring a shot of publicity for Red Star, reminding the world that there’s more to Parisian football than petro dollars and Brazilian Manga cartoons.

Whilst PSG may have just signed one of world football’s biggest names, they haven’t got one to compare with one of Red Star’s current star players, the forward Stéphan Raheriharimanana, who I’m mentioning here purely because he’s called Stéphan Raheriharimanana.

Red Star’s most famous ever player, Former Fulham flop Steve Marlet, had two spells with the club at the very beginning and very end of his career. The 12 million quid Premier League failure is undoubtedly the most celebrated player to play for Red Star. I was going to say the biggest name there but that would obviously be our boy Stéphan Raheriharimanana (You’ve realised I’m just looking for excuses to mention Stéphan Raheriharimanana yeah?)

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